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If You Want It (Main Mix) - G-Unit - Advanced Promotional Copy (Vinyl)

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  • Nikobar
    Think you know all there is to know about vinyl records? A real vinyl record collector would never commit any of these TEN sins to their records. In our previous article, How To Clean Vinyl Records, you learned all about cleaning your records by hand with regular household cleaners or a record cleaning machine however, that is only the start.
  • Kazrataur
    The higher the quality of the music and the images you upload the better the result will be. For images we recommend a high-resolution jpeg or png (minimum ×). For music, using mastered music is the best option, either mp3 (kbps), flac or wav files (high bitrate). Do you have any further questions about creating the perfect vinyl?
  • Nenris
    Feb 23,  · What I want to know is how to tell if the vinyl is primo. But, a notch isn't going tell you if it's a promo. A white label, a stamp on the label or the cover that has a stamp or sticker that reads "promo" or "promotional" are the typical, latter vinyl era indicators.
  • Vugul
    The source you send to United should sound like you want the music to sound on vinyl, sequenced in order with the correct spacing between each song and a longer space between sides. In ideal situations (i.e. just after winning the lottery) you’d record on reel-to-reel then have it mastered on analog equip- .
  • Mugore
    If you want maximum sound quality, you should put the hottest and loudest tracks on the outer side and leave the inner grooves for the tracks with less high end. Keep the track lenght reasonable. The shorter the track, the louder it can be pressed and the better it will sound.
  • Nam
    Mar 07,  · Obtaining the music you want is extremely convenient right now, and vinyl is a bit of a reaction to that." She notes that many of Erika Records' recording clients have the plant include a free Author: Kristina Monllos.
  • Guzilkree
    Young Buck I Know You want me G-Unit Limited Edition Promo Vinyl LP GERARDO We Want The Funk 12" VINYL UK Interscope 3 Mixes With Raw Dog Mix. $ $ shipping. Watch. Beanie Sigel - Wanted (On The Run - Ft Cam'ron) - 12" Vinyl Single | Hip Hop The Roots Featuring Jaguar - What You Want LP Mint- 44 Vinyl Record.
  • Voodoorg
    If you can get the rights to do a release, you should also be able to get analogue master tapes (or digital files at 24/96 or higher definition) for the vinyl mastering lab to use. Ben Liebrand was able to get original masters for many tracks on the Ben Liebrand - Grand Inches series of compilations.
  • Dikree
    Custom packaged vinyl records are an excellent gift for any music enthusiast and any occasion (we've even facilitated a number of successful marriage proposals!). We can help every step of the way, including arranging inexpensive licensing for commercial tracks if necessary, so you can create your very own bespoke vinyl 'mixtape'.

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